Success Stories

  • A 32 year old woman had a chronic case of severe headaches that were triggered by her menses. The headaches started several years ago after she moved to Australia from overseas and would always be worse in the morning, with the first rays of sunshine. She received the remedy Natrum Muriaticum 30c and during the next few months her headaches were less intense and later disappeared completely.

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    A 38 year old woman had an acute case of chronic urinary tract infection. Given the recurrent nature of the complaint, the treatment was first focused on the presenting symptoms. She was prescribed the remedy Cantharis 12c and the complaint was resolved within several days. Later she received a constitutional treatment that cleared up her predisposition to this problem.

  • A 16 year old high school student was complaining about strong anxiety and stage fright he was experiencing before exams and any kind of examination in general. He was given Gelsemium 30c which successfully supported him for the rest of his studies.

  • An 18 year old woman was suffering from persistent headaches, nausea and the sensation of vomiting that was triggered after exposure to cigarette smoke at a folk music festival. Considering her sensitive reaction to the external environment, she was prescribed remedy the Nux Vomica 30c four times a day and reported a significant improvement by the next day.

  • A 74 year old man had benign prostatic hypertrophy. For several years he was experiencing problems during urination and tried several different types of treatments including herbal supplements but without success. Given the long-term nature of the complaint pathology, the treatment focused on palliation and symptoms management. The patient was prescribed Sabal Serrulata 6c six times a week and reported marked improvement within several weeks.

Plase note: Each person�s experience has a unique character and homoeopathic medicines are selected accordingly. These medicines should never be taken without the advice of a professionally trained and registered practitioner.



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