Frequently Asked Questions

  • I still do not understand how homeopathy works. Can you give me an example?

    If you eat spoiled food, your body�s natural reaction is to get rid of it. You might vomit, have diarrhoea, burning in the stomach and most likely would feel generally unwell. If you take medication that would stop vomiting, your body receives mixed signals: it�s doing the right thing, but you say �no�. Homeopathy works by stimulating the natural reaction and shortens the course of action. This is especially true with chronic conditions, where your body tries to resolve the problem, but somehow cannot make the final step, as for example with chronic inflammations that keep coming back.

  • Are there any side effects?

    There are no toxic side effects from homeopathic medicines. Sometimes there is an immediate improvement. Sometimes healing begins with an increased feeling of well being, even though symptoms initially remain. In some cases, old symptoms recur as part of the healing process. Occasionally there is a temporary worsening of symptoms prior to improvement.

  • Is homeopathy safe for pregnant women (small children, elderly)?

    Homeopathic remedies are administered diluted in water and do not contain any toxic substances. Even though the original substance the remedy is made of might have a potent pharmacological effect, it is removed during the manufacturing process and is no longer present in the dispensing medicine.

  • I bought a flu remedy mix in a pharmacy but it did not help...

    When you were buying the remedy, did the pharmacist ask you how did your complaint feel? Did you feel hot or cold? Thirsty or thirstless? Was your headache dull or throbbing? Was it worse at a specific time of the day? Probably not, as they are not usually trained in homeopathy.

    To cover most of the common complaints, some pharmacies sell remedy mixes to cover a wider range of symptoms but it is almost always a hit-and-miss business. If you wish to self-prescribe, you will probably have better results following a simple �home prescriber� book, as for example Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber by Dr. Isaac Golden that is listed in the Resources section. And of course, it is always best to contact a trained homeopath for an acute consultation.

  • Is it safe to self-administer for acute ailments and/or minor injuries?

    Homeopathic remedies can be used for self prescriptions for minor acute ailments and injuries. You can use them for colds and flus, digestive disturbances, bee stings, burns, cuts, bruises and others.

    If your symptoms persist, do not hesitate to contact either myself or your local medical practitioner.

  • What is in the bottle I have been prescribed?

    The bottle contains the homeopathic remedy diluted in water, with a small amount of alcohol for conservation. If you wish to avoid the alcohol (e.g. for religious reasons) please let me know, I can dispense the remedy in water only. In this case, however, the use by date will be shorter.

  • I was prescribed a homeopathic remedy, but I do not understand the instructions. What do I do?

    If you have any questions regarding your prescription or course of the treatment, please contact me to discuss.

  • Would you suggest me to purchase a homeopathic kit?

    Absolutely. With the basic remedies, you can use them for simple acute prescriptions whenever you need. More importantly, if you need an acute prescription over the phone, you already have all the basic remedies available and do not need to wait for the remedy to arrive by mail. This can be very handy especially when you or fall sick at late night or over a weekend.

    You can purchase a homeopathic kit in the Shop.

  • Can homeopathic medicines be taken with conventional medicines?

    Yes, homeopathic remedies are commonly taken in conjunction with conventional drugs.

  • What about seeing my doctor?

    It is recommended that you maintain a relationship with your GP or specialist. When necessary, homeopathic and conventional approaches can be used alongside one another to give the most effective and appropriate medical care. If at any stage of your treatment you are concerned about changes in your symptoms, you should contact your homeopath and/or medical practitioner immediately.



Making Appointment

If you wish to make an appointment or have any questions about homeopathic treatment, please do not hesitate to contact me on my e-mail or mobile phone.

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